7 Cool Ways You Can Make Money As A Law Student


With so much reading to do, do you think you there’s something wrong with thinking about cool ways you could make money as a law student? Far from it, you’re doing the right thing.

It’s natural to have that itch to do something that has monetary rewards even as a law student. Occasionally, a law student could do with a little source of income as they often await their much needed upkeep allowance from home.

It might also be that what you are receiving from home as allowance doesn’t suffice and you are really in need of extra cash to augment it. But that shouldn’t bother you anymore when there are half a dozen cool ways you could make money and say goodbye to your broke weekends. Let’s get started then.

(1) You can make money writing

Assuming you have read our earlier article on the 10 secrets of a good writer and you want to be given recognition for your articles, then you stand to earn a modest income as a freelance writer. There are several sites online that remunerate writers who qualify for writing jobs – you could be a student author and that would be quite an achievement! The Amazon Kindle Publishing Platform from Amazon receives write-ups of a minimum of 5,000 words from writers the world over from just about any genre of writing.

As a law student, you can write a short work (I don’t know what genre of writing excites you) and forward it to them. Once your works are sold on the Amazon store, you earn royalties of about 70%. Visit the Amazon store for more information. There are other sites too, where you can bid for freelance writing jobs, such as freelancer.com, Upwork.com, Guru.com and elance.com, amongst others.

(2) Take advantage of work-Student programs

Within every university campus are work-student programs designed to provide students with basic earnings while at school. Put in a few hours working each day of the week and you’ll receive pay enough to meet your basic student bills.

Equally, you can also work as a research assistant to your professors or lecturers within your law faculty. But you would have to be lover of research and an avid user of the library as the entry-level qualification. In addition, your hirers might find you even more suitable for the job if you are good in using research database like WestLaw, LexisNexis and others. (Lawyers will also want you to assist them with their legal research.) You can ask your law teachers if there are any available research openings for you.

(3) Start a blog

Blogging allows you to express your passions and interest in exchange for some real mint. Mind you, your blogging interests don’t necessarily have to be oriented towards law. For the ladies, you can blog about beauty and fashion by giving people tips on how to stay fashionable and eschew the radar of the fashion police or anything else that resonates with your female folks.

If however you are a guy, your interests may lie elsewhere in tech, gadgetry, sports or entertainment. If you are an anime or manga fan, why don’t you blog about it? There are hordes of people scouring the internet each day looking for updates on the crème de la crème of anime and manga series. You could also write reviews on your favorite series.

(4) Sell something

Back when I was in uni, I had course mates who took to sales to earn money. You may start by looking for something in vogue that you think fellow students might buy in school and then make orders for them from a nearby wholesale shop. Once you’ve done that you could set up a small shop on campus to sell off your merchandise. But you don’t have to abandon your academics to be a salesman on campus, since you can as well hire someone else to look after your business while you are off to class. But if you don’t want the extra responsibility of paying for shop rent and staff salary, you could store your merchandise at your residence or hostel and then take some samples with you each day to class and offer them to interested course mates. I wouldn’t know what might interest your school mates. Take that as your homework.

(5) Join an online freelancing community

There are a lot of online freelancing communities that welcome people of all walks of life, including students, who want to sell their services for a fee. Fiverr is a good example and remains one of the hottest sites for students to buy or sell anything for as a low as $5 dollars. However inconsequential your skills, there just might be someone who would be willing to part with their $5 dollars for it. Visit them at www.fiverr.com

(6) You can work as a virtual assistant

As a law student you can earn money online working as a virtual assistant and you will be paid hourly. A virtual assistant is usually a self-employed administrative or personal assistant who is hired to perform several tasks for clients. As a virtual assistant, a law student could work right from home as opposed to an office. Virtual assistants do a variety of things for their clients, like conducting research, manning email accounts and other web-based services. You will find virtual assistant job postings on sites like freelancer.com, upwork.com et al.

(7) You can earn money reviewing music

Like me, do you love listening to music? Music is like life support to me, and an immense source of inspiration to me. A day hardly goes by in my life without my listening to music on my head-seat.

I love music that much, and I could wager you are a kindred spirit. So I’m going to make you a proposition too good to be true.

How about you enjoy “your own music” while getting paid at the same time? Still don’t believe me?

Why don’t you go check out sites like slicethepie.com or musicxray.com. Sites like these prove that I’m not pulling your legs about your chances of earning just by strapping on your headset.  It’s for real and what these sites do is that music lovers who sign up with them are provided songs which are yet to be released for them to listen to in just seconds, after which they can write a short review of the songs and, bang, they get paid! Just like that? Yep! You can earn up to $20 dollars in minutes or even more if you have the time to spare. So chop chop before someone takes your seat.

So you can from these plethora of options available to you decide which one really suits you. I hope you make the right call.

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  1. Tolani says

    This is interesting to read. However it should be noted that most of the above listed are not feasible especially in Nigeria. I, like other students have tried some but nothing yet…. keep it up sir

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