19 Most Affordable Law Schools In America

From its very foundation, education has been thought of in Horace’s Mann’s own words as “the great equalizer of the conditions of men, – the balance wheel of the social machinery”. In order words, it was meant to bridge the disparate economic gulf between the social classes, the lower class and the upper class and to provide a level playing field where both can compete and improve upon their respective fortunes in kind measures. And this perhaps remains the main motivation for why many today flock into the lecture halls of the academe (and who of us can resist the allure of a six figure salary and the other perks that only the best of education could guarantee). However, by today’s standard, that has long ceased to be the case, as education is fast becoming elitist with every passing day – a pursuit now almost within the exclusive preserve of those with the money bags.

This trend has quite affected legal education in every country of the world with the United States being at the very frontier of this tectonic sea change. In the US legal education is exorbitant and by graduation nearly a half of law students have run up debts upwards of $200,000 in getting their JD from any top tier US law school in the hope that they can finance these mammoth student debts upon employment after graduation. But given the rather moribund state of the legal market where lawyers are a dime a dozen and the supply of legal services being far in excess of demand, only a handful manage to secure modest jobs that are capable of financing these albatross-like student debts. Even a recent article by the New York Times sought to capture this situation with the title “Expensive Degree and No Place To Use It’. But like I’ve always said, these happenings alarming as they aren’t sufficient enough to spur anyone to jettison their lifelong dream of becoming lawyers. If you are reading this article and still wondering how you’d afford this mammoth law school tuition, then I suggest you stop worrying right now because you can actually go through law school without incurring a mountain-sized student debt. You could do this simply by applying to other well-ranked, affordable and still yet competitive US law schools. At these law schools, tuition costs less, and you also get a great law school experience.

Law SchoolTuition
University of Alabama$19,660
University Of Arkansas Fayetteville$12,515
Louisiana State University$18,618
University of Nebraska$14,363
University of South Dakota$13,288
Brigham Young University$10,950
University of Kentucky$19,404
Georgia State University$15,154
Florida State University$19,731
William and Mary Law School$27,800
University of Georgia$18,058
University of New Mexico$15,098
University of Mississippi$11,294
North Carolina Central University Law School$9,961
Southern University Law Center (LA)$9,238
CUNY Law School (NY)$11,952
University of Kansas School of Law$15,561
University of Montana School of Law$11,062
University of the District of Columbia, Clarke School of Law$8,850

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