Tech Tips: 7 Must-Have Apps For Lawyers And Law Students.



That law is a somewhat stark subject at both theoretical and practical levels is a topic that needs no re-introduction as our earlier articles would indicate. Most practicing lawyers can relate with the humdrum nature of their daily undertakings, the interminable work schedule that drives them all to near neurosis and the mechanical application of pre-defined rules to issues after issues brought before them by clients. And what about law students? We surely know what it means to read not because we Want to but because We have to. We also know what it means to spend hour’s slugging it out in the law libraries reading through case law after case law to decipher judicial dictum and holding that can act as the clincher for our legal arguments in the exams and moot & muck only to yet appear clueless in the end. And just when we retire to the classroom, dictation is a real breeze! Lecturers would dictate notes to us at a pace we just can’t keep up with. And that just adds to frustration.

But today, we can thank recent innovations in technology for making such strides in spicing up our tedious routines and making sheer bulk of work lawyers and law students are faced with less daunting. So we thought it might be helpful to share some of these latest tech, mostly applications, with lawyers and law students who want to infuse a bit of excitement in the way they approach their daily tasks.

1) Evernote is one of the most popular note taking app on the block. With Evernote, you can take notes and sync them across various devices, on PCs, mobile phones and other devices. Equally, it allows you type notes or dictate them into the app. You can add pictures, clip web articles to later reading, and create to-do lists. You are also offered the option of having your handwritten notes read to you. You can download it from the App store or Google store.

(2) Microsoft OneNote

This note taking app from Microsoft is available on both PC and mobile phones platform. The app syncs with the cloud to provide you access to notes you saved on the OneNote app on just any device. With this app, you can categorize your notes into tabs and record voice notes too. It has a feature that allows you add pictures and draw up a to-do list. Available on both PC, IOS and Android devices.

(3) Squid

Squid is an awesome app that allows you sketch your ideas through the use of your fingers across the apps interface or a stylus if that’s what you want. It doesn’t end there, you can cut, copy and paste between pages of your notes inside the app. It has other exciting features like the zoom in function that allows you to view images clearer and share your notes with members of your team. Available on IOS and Android devices.

(4) Study Blue

This app offers students access to create online flash cards, study guides and quizzes. It gives students greater flexibility online with options to store resources and notes so that no student will feel pained for misplacing notes since they may have been backed up online. You can login from anywhere in the world and use your notes for whatever purposes.

(5) The Awesome Highlighter

Just as the name suggests, this app allow users to highlight important texts, portions and sentences on any web page for storage for future reference.

(6) NoteMesh

This app is tailored to allow students within a class collaborate together to produce a single repository for lecture notes. Students can create an individual wiki for a specific class, to grow their existing lecture notes collaboratively until they have a comprehensive body of notes to cover any area of study.


(7) Google Keep

The Google keep platform collects notes, checklists, and pictures. This app also records users audio and translate it into a note for future reference. It also comes with a useful feature that lets you convert your notes to document formats. You can access it on both IOS and Android devices.

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