Why Becoming a Social Media Influencer as a Lawyer Could Help You Get More Clients



The legal profession is essentially anachronistic in outlook in light of the fact that it’s one of the oldest serving professions in history and so are its mores and legal traditions. With the astronomic rise of social media and the vistas it offers professionals to connect with the generality of the public and to build on an existing client base, lawyers however are still stuck in the past and are certainly not finding it easy to make the needed transition to the digital world where not having an online presence as a professional has come to become something of a pariah.

Nowadays, we have lawyers who don’t have an online presence. And that is not the half of it. Some lawyers don’t have an official LinkedIn profile or twitter handle. The downside is that they are missing out on the opportunity to get the word out on the services they render to those who would ordinarily demand for them. It should therefore be every lawyer’s goal to be in tune with advancement in modern day technology if they are not to be left behind in Stone Age for failing to keep up with the trends.  More than that, lawyers who have been actively present on social media have been able to connect and build relationships that have fostered trust with more random people who have later turned go on to join their ever expanding client base. So if you are a lawyer looking to snag more clients, you might consider becoming a social media influencer. Now that is not as difficult as it seems.  Here are 5 ways you can do that.

(1) Be creative

Social media is very competitive as it offers everyone equal opportunity to air their views and ideas. But this shouldn’t put you off since there is still one weapon in your arsenal you can leverage. It’s called creativity. When posting on social media ensure you are creative and authentic. Share whatever information you possess that people will find useful. This can give you a voice on social media

(2) Interact with just the right people

Ensure you surround yourself with the kind of people you want to reach out to. Otherwise you may be talking shop. The point is that you should have a target audience with whom you can share your venture and content. Be lively and active by commenting on posts you find engaging and share them where necessary. Don’t give people the impression you are spamming them when you share your content to them and ignore theirs.

(3) Build trust

Everything you do on social media must have one agenda only. And that must be to build trust (clients want lawyers who are reliable and trustworthy) as no one would want to have dealings with you if they have doubts about your work. Use social media to win the trust of your potential clients.

Create platforms that enable you answer peoples queries. In this way you will build trust. You can also join social media groups, meet ups, and other online platforms created to provide legal aid of some sort to non-lawyers. This can be a good way to reach out to potential clients. And there are lots of groups even on Facebook for this purpose.

(4) Analyze the demand of your audience.

It is not enough if you offer services to people, those to whom your services are targeted must really need them. If your services are to be relevant, it must dovetail with the emerging needs of clients. So put out feelers to know what is in vogue and tailor your services along those lines. You are not to play to yourself but to the gallery in every case. You will know this by following point 3.

(5) Engage with your audience

Find out ways to curate your short-form posts. Pick a topic and be consistent in contributing and creating quality content around that topic. Engage with other users too. Don’t just pump information out see to it that you participate with what is already out there.

Now you can go get those clients on social media. It’s that easy really.


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