Tips For Aspiring Lawyers: 5 Things You Must Do Before Studying Law.


The career world is full of many unhappy professionals who have chosen fields that do not suit their individual predilections.

Career decisions today are more and more a hybrid of irrelevant career considerations and mounting parental pressure.

Students chose certain professions over others because they feel it is prestigious or it is in keeping wits shouldn’t be. The decision to study law must be yours indeed and only after you have done a proper assessment of the profession. Here are 5 tips to help you reach that decision.

(1) Be mentally prepared

Law studies are somewhat enervating and tiring. Succeeding is usually a conquest of mind over matter. It’s a marathon in which you have little room for breathers. But you can survive the ensuing burn out if you can come mentally prepared. Do things in the interim that empower and prepare your mind for the task ahead.

(2) Meet with other professionals in the field

Before arriving at the decision to study law, you’ll need a sneak preview into what lawyers really do in practice. The nature of their jobs, the hours required to put in and anything else in that respect. This will help you avoid boredom and disappointment when you graduate and realize law practice isn’t as exciting as you had seen in the movies. Talk to family members in the profession, relatives and friends about this. This can also give you clues about which area of law to practice in when you eventually graduate from law school.

(3) Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses

It is not enough if a law aspirant has unquenchable passion for law. You must be the right fit. The balance of your strengths as against your weaknesses must favor studying law. Do you have a work ethic and are willing to put in long hours of work.

(4) Speak with career counselors

Speak with career counselors too since they can help you reach informed decisions about your career choices. They’ll point you in the right direction and help you explore more options available to you.

(5)   Make your decision

Now from the plethora of information you have at your disposal, you can decide whether a career as lawyer would be congenial for you. At this point any decision you take would be something you’ll never regret. Go on and make your decision. Good luck with that.

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