7 Scholarships Tips And Tricks To Gain Funding To Study Abroad For International Students


Study abroad scholarships are the most sought after item on the block, with so many students seeking to study abroad each year, one has to be at the top of his game to actually win one. There are tricks you have to follow if you want to increase your odds of  getting one. Here are some tips to follow.

(1) Start early.

If you are a really serious about getting funding to study abroad, then it is important you start your scholarship search way earlier than others. Remember the early bird catches the worm. More than that, starting your scholarships search early means you’ll unlikely miss deadlines.

(2) Apply to as many scholarships as possible.

Fortune they say favors the brave. Scholarships don’t always go to the talented of students but to those who are brave enough to increase their odds of landing a scholarship by applying to as many as possible. It’s something of a number’s game and with any luck, you could be the winner. So apply to as many as possible.

(3) Target schools with huge endowment funds

In seeking for study-abroad scholarships, zoom in on schools with mammoth endowment funds. A universities endowment fund represents money at its disposal to cover some of its operating expenses of which scholarships are included. The more the endowment a school has, the easier it is they will offer funding to international students.

(4) Focus on schools with diversity

Schools that have diversity are more than likely to offer scholarships to international students coming from nationalities and races since that will boost their already growing global reach. Some universities abroad have religious affiliations too and the fact that you are committed member of that religion can help strengthen your appeal for financial aid. Schools like the Brigham Young University in the US are known for their unswerving support of Mormon doctrines. Or the University of San Francisco, California, with strong catholic ties. These are but a few.  The one way you’ll know about a schools diversity is to scour the official website of your school of interest.

(5) Be involved in extracurricular

Not all study abroad scholarships are merit based (solely dependent on an applicant’s high college GPA) or need based (solely for those who can demonstrate indigence). Some may have other criteria like whether the applicant has been involved in extracurriculars that demonstrate his or her leadership qualities. The fact that you were a former school captain, cheer leader, member of the schools debate team could strengthen your application.

(6) Find out the criteria of award

Scholarships come in varied forms. Apart from the conventional need and merit based, there are those for short, tall, funny, and compassionate students. If you could demonstrate having any of the above traits, then they will be all yours for the asking.

(7) Contact the Universities

This is the part I love the most. Universities don’t put all their available funding opportunities on the schools official website. But when you do however contact them, they’ll put all the cards before you. I have done this before with just about every law school in California and New York. I’ve been in contact with UC Berkeley California (They won’t stop sending me their view books all the way down to Nigeria), California Western School of Law, San Diego, UC Gould (they even took the trouble to call my personal line), USFCA, New York University (NYU) and Touro Law Center, New York. The point is that you speak with your schools of interest and ask for other available funding opportunities like research assistant positions, student-work programs for international applicants and the likes.

You can visit the schools official website and obtain the email address of your department of interest and then send them an email describing the peculiarities of your case and why you think you should be considered. Or you can speak with the reps of various international universities on collegeweeklive.com

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