10 Ways Every Top Student Studies


Class attendance alone doesn’t make a you a top student anymore than going to the bank makes you a billionaire. The top students in schools are usually an infinitesimal percentage of the regular class population. And that alone should tell us something about them –  they posses excellent study techniques that their peers only dream of. But if you are desirous of becoming one, you must be ready to follow in their footsteps. Here are the ways top students study.

(1) Be an active reader.

Don’t just passively read materials you are given. Actively test them by posing questions like “why was this conclusion reached?” Develop hypotheses and actively test them as you read along.

(2) Avoid the giant killer “procrastination”

The best time to do something they say is “today”. Don’t pile up your misery by delaying things until an indefinite date. Act fast as tasks present themselves. Don’t keep saying “Ready, ready, aim, aim, aim, aim!” You might as well take the shot!

(3) Accept constructive criticism

Never take criticism personal. The aim is to make your work better by spotting out potential exam blunders. Take everything in good part and just when it stings learn to ask yourself “what’s with you?” Always works just try it.

(4) Don’t be a night owl

Work during the day and let night times be sleep times. Don’t play pranks with sleep it can boomerang on you.

(5) Be consistent

Little loads they say make light work. You certainly don’t need to be in arrears with your school work. You can’t foot the interest rates charged. You pay with crippling last ditch anxiety. Early kick off works best trust me!

(6) Do your assignments and turn them in early

Your lecturers may give irrelevant assignments which sometimes you may be unwilling to do. Ensure you do them every time since they can take retroactive effect on your GPA when your lecturer labels them “assessment test” in anger because only a handful of class members went to all the bother of doing theirs. Don’t tempt fate.

(7) Be attentive in class

Tweak your hearing antennas now for optimum efficiency, that way you’ll not miss any class transmission from HQ. Let all learning originate from your class room. Your test books can settle for second best.

(8) stay calm before an exam

And what is the use of worrying again? Oh I remember! It multiplies your troubles and divides your effectiveness. No exam-venue last ditch cramming. Your mind has already had enough, why not give it a breather already.

(9) Ask question in class

Don’t play spectator in class. Participate by asking questions. At least that will give your lecturer the semblance of following. Fear not, you won’t get snapped at asking a little harmless question.

(10) Practice before exams.

You don’t want surprises? Then try solving past questions. That way you’ll have enough experience under your belt and nothing will unsettle you as you skim down your question paper on the D day. Good practice they say makes perfect. That goes for you too.

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