10 Popular Legal Job Websites for Lawyers and Fresh Law Graduates

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The legal employment market the world over is going through the doldrums at the moment. And with global economies under-performing, clients looking to spend less on legal services than before, and lawyers now being a dime a dozen, the mad scramble for limited positions at law firms is shaping up to be even fiercer. Yet the employment landscape isn’t as bleak as most people make out, with job boards surprisingly churning out hundreds of thousands of jobs every day.

That means there are even more employment opportunities springing up now for just those legal professionals who care enough to keep an eye out. But since many don’t know where to find them, these glorious opportunities have flown somewhat under the radar and we have ended up losing them to the early birds.

If you are one of such persons, things are about to get better for you. Because we’ve compiled a list of these popular legal employment sites so you stay current with the latest job listings as they happen.

(1) Lawjobs

Lawjobs is a legal employment site that connects job seekers within the legal field with leading law recruiters such as fortune 1000 companies and AmLaw 200 firms.

As a leading legal recruitment website, lawjobs offers available legal professionals the opportunity to browse jobs and conduct an in-depth job search using specific industry key words. Equally, it allows hirers to post jobs.

(2) LawMatch

As its name suggests, lawmatch is an on-line legal job board that matches desirable legal talents with the best and latest legal job openings in private practice, business and the public sector. At lawmatch, Legal employers can post jobs via on-line classified ads for a fee and be matched to legal professionals with the desired employment profile.

(3) LegalWeekJobs

Legalweekjobs is another specialist job board for lawyers seeking employment to search for the latest jobs from top UK law firms and global employers alike. Applicants can search for thousands of legal jobs by sector, function, job title, salary and even location. While employers can find suitable job candidates by posting jobs and advertising vacancies.

(4) Simplylawjobs

Simplylawjobs  is a job board for legal professionals in the UK and other regions of the world to find their dream jobs. Its database has over 10,000 legal jobs. Job seekers can upload their CVs, receive alerts and search for jobs within its database either by entering any desired job title or their city or region. Recruiters are also given the option of posting a job.

(5) Emplawyernet

Founded by recruiters with over seventy combined years of experience, Emplayernet is a trusted, widely used job database providing on-line job information to lawyers, law students and paralegals. As a competitive recruitment database, Emplayernet features job listings directly from legal recruiting firms.

(6) CareerBuilder

Whether you are a recent law graduate in the market for your first job or a veteran lawyer looking to move up the career ladder with a better job, Careerbuilder can help you do just that. Though typically a global end-to-end capital solutions company, Careerbuilder combines the best in advertising, software and services to help companies find, identify and hire legal talents. Careerbuilder also lets you search its database for thousands of jobs using established criteria such as keywords, location, and industry amongst others.

(7) Lawcrossing

Lawcrossing is unarguably America’s leading legal job site offering the largest collection of active legal jobs in the world, while also monitoring the hiring needs of more than 250,000 legal employees. As a legal employment site, Lawcrossings dedication as a job service is quite simply unrivalled. Lawcrossing reviews more than 10,000 websites per day in search of jobs. Its specialties include legal jobs, law jobs, attorney jobs and legal staff jobs.

(8) Findlaw

Findlaw is a multipurpose site legal offering a wide spectrum of legal services and legal news for both lawyers and potential clients alike.  Its site also has a built-in legal job section much frequented by job seekers. If you are a legal professional looking for a job, you’ll find Findlaw’s legal job listing immensely handy.

(9) Abovethelaw

Despite being primarily a legal news website, Abovethelaw runs its own job board where it regularly provides the latest job listing from legal industries around the globe.  You’ll find a handful of legal vacancies posted on its job board each day.

(10) Jobberman

Jobberman is a leading employment website in Nigeria with over a thousand job vacancies posted daily. While it isn’t an exclusively specialist legal employment site like those above, it does however feature vacant legal positions from reputable firms in some of Nigeria’s major cities such as Lagos and Abuja amongst others.

Do you know any recognized legal employment site we didn’t add to the list? Then do you leave your suggestions in the comments section and we’d appreciate.

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