LAWSAN Wishes Law Students a Happy New Year, Has High Expectations for this Year’s Conference


The new year has already begun, and the hours and days are beginning to tick by again at so quickly a pace that we might soon be looking forward to the celebration of yet another eve of a fresh year. But be that as it may, this year is still an “infant” with so much in store and with an even bigger promise of greater achievements ahead, and with everyone having started this year on a high, we’ll all probably have made much more bigger goals and resolutions to achieve come the end of the year.

This should be equally true of all LAWSAN’S nationwide as they’ve marked new milestones in their law studies and are about to be welcomed into new semesters in their respective universities. For all of you LAWSAN’S who have approached this new year with the expectant  passionate intensity and the rock-solid resolve to excel even more in all of your academic pursuits, there’s an inspiring message from your very own National LAWSAN, and couched in the true spirit of love, oneness, and camaraderie to lift your spirits, boost your early-season motivation and inspire you to greater heights in your studies this year. And what better way to start a year, than to get a good shot of adrenaline you can always draw on!

Click on the link provided below to get this inspiring message from Atiku Mohammad Jafar the national president.

National LAWSAN

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