The National Legislative Summit will be unprecedented - LAWSAN President

The National President, Law Students’ Association of Nigeria, Mr. Atiku Muhammad Jafar has this to say in respect of the LAWSAN National Legislative Summit:
“A few days ago, we announced the LAWSAN National Legislative Summit scheduled to hold on September 27th – 28th, 2018 at Baze University, Abuja. The Summit, among other things, will feature an array of programmes: a public lecture, a panel discussion, inauguration of the LAWSAN National Senate, networking opportunitie, etc. Most importantly, the Summit in itself is geared towards proffering a long-lasting solution to the prolonged legal and political dilemma in Nigeria.
After a critical study of Nigeria’s political atmosphere, we have found it expedient, as the national body of all law students in Nigeria, to wade in an contribute our quota to the development of Nigeria through our activities.
The theme of our Summit, “Legislative Power over Budgeting in Nigeria: the Legal and Political Perspectives”  finds expression in every activity during the Summit, as it conveys two essential messages.
First, it speaks to the need to critically examine the constitutional concepts and practices of democracy, lawmaking, separation of powers, legislative oversight, etc., with a view to critically examining the scope of legislative power of appropriation in Nigeria and the political implications of the aforementioned.
Secondly, the theme speaks of an integral objective of the Summit: The transfer of principles, values and ethics from top industry practitioners to the next generation of lawyers in Nigeria, and to breed a refined generation of lawyers with parsimonious experience beforehand”
A task as arduous as this requires dedication, sacrifice, human and material commitment, and even lots more. Hence, we’re doing our best at all levels, from the LAWSAN National Secretariat and the host University, to make this event a fruitful and productive one. Rest assured, the LAWSAN National Legislative Summit will be unprecedented!”

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