Vocabulary Quiz for Lawyers and Law Students 4

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Every profession has its own unique tools. In medicine, doctors use the stethoscope, in the field of engineering, engineers utilize the wrench and pliers. Even carpenters have theirs; in the hammer and saw. Likewise, in the field of law to which lawyers are admitted, there’re certain fundamental tools which are widely recognized and are an invaluable part of every lawyers stock-in-trade and which we readily turn to in solving the client’s problem when sought for. These practical tools enhance our problem solving skills making the lawyers work even less intimidating, and guaranteeing much more efficient legal solutions for the client. But unlike these other professions I’ve mentioned, the use of nifty physical machinery and tools are hardly what skilled professionals in the legal field work by. Rather, ours relies on the use of powerful rhetoric, great mental acuity and above all, well-honed verbal skills. To put it another way, lawyers are adept communicators through mastery of language and the art of persuasion. Not surprisingly, the most accomplished legal professionals around have achieved renown particularly in the area of advocacy largely owing to this “acquired” array of verbal skills and their vastly extensive vocabulary.

To give an example, Lord Denning, a rather vocal luminary for an English judge is still admired today by almost all within the legal community for his judicial sagacity as for his display of high level proficiency with language. The man was so articulate and had such a near absolute mastery of words, he could easily have passed for an English maven. In the truest of sense, he was a wordsmith in his own right. Perhaps, it might have been this one outstanding trait of his that had played a part in his rapid rise to prominence.

Our earlier articles have shown that as a lawyer, your professional development is bound up with your vocabulary growth. As Hirch has pointed out, vocabulary building is so important for lawyers today that it could prove to be a real drag on any lawyer’s career success who decides to neglect it. This is why we encourage legal professional everywhere to work at enriching their stock words if they want to see themselves get ahead in their practice. And generally the more one works at this, in many ways, the larger the pay offs in one’s legal career. Among other things, an improved vocabulary can benefit your legal career in your advocacy as it can lead to a more dynamic advocacy for the lawyer who actually makes the effort which nowadays is crucial to the lawyer’s career progression. And as a bigger vocabulary enriches one’s diction, a commitment to learning more words can give more bite to your written and oral submissions and in turn persuade your listeners to your reasoning. The bottom line; an extensive vocabulary can increase your command of language and put you in a position of strength in a ruthlessly competitive legal profession.

So to stimulate interest in legal professionals on this important topic of vocabulary building, we’ll be having our latest quiz on vocabulary building for lawyers to test the depth of your vocabulary and to help you learn new words in 11 quick questions. If you are up to it, below are a few quiz questions.

(1) Seriatim: Does this word mean

(2) Scienter: Does this word mean

(3) Quash: Does this word mean

(4) Innuendo: Does this word mean

(5) Imprimatur: Does this word mean

(6) Lackadaisical: Does this word mean

(7) Compunction: Does this word mean

(8) Paradoxical: Does this word mean

(9) Unctuous: Does this word mean

(10) Perfunctory: Does this word mean

(11) Cavalier: Does this word mean

Here are the results: A =C 2=D 3=D 4=C 5=C 6=B 7=A 8=D 9=A 10=C 11=A

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