7 Reasons That Prove That It’s Worth It To Date A Law Student



Well, why would anyone want to date a law student? Did that just blindside you. You shouldn’t be! After all the popular perception of law students is that they are cocky, argumentative, high sounding and would never back out from any argument until they have driven their point home. Doesn’t that go with the territory? Occasionally, all law students get tarred with this same brush and anyone willing to be seen in a different light would have to present plausible evidence to the contrary. It doesn’t help if it’s a lady you have pitch your I-am-different idea to. When on campus, just approach a lady and when she demands you tell her about yourself, make the mistake of telling her you are a law student in the hope that she would fall for you and the reaction you might get will be one of disdain. It springs from a misconception people have of lawyers and lawyer students as been antagonistic, insensitive, and inconsiderate- qualities that the legal profession often lionizes in lawyers and law students alike when all acting in their professional  capacities. If we didn’t have them, how else could we ruthlessly cross-examine an opposing counsel’s witness to put the witness’s credibility in doubt in open court? Imagine if a lady had watched the whole incidence and the next day, this same ruthless-in court guy asks her out on a date, she will have almost half a mind to turn him down for his “court heroics”. She might be led to think some of their little arguments might end up like the court scene she had seen the other day. But nothing could be further from the truth. Sure we may be ruthless in court but we know how to draw the line between our personal and professional lives. So if you can get past the misconceptions you hear about law students and date one of our number, the benefits will be well worth the effort. Now let’s quickly run over of few of those.

(1) unlike the open court ruthlessness the profession of law requires of lawyers and law students alike, when at home law students know just when to shelve their court-inclined argumentative tendencies and can come across to you as the nicest of persons.

(2) We believe in putting the needs of our clients above our own. This goes for our love life. We’ll somehow create time away from our hectic and neurotic schedules to attend to your rants, tears and your burst of joy and excitement.

(3) Law students believe that their love to you, like every simple obligation is pure, unconditional and is not periodic or for a term. Rest assured!

(4) We don’t believe in the concept of being a conscientious objector, because as soldiers of love that we are, we are willing to fight to keep the embers of our love alive despite the rigors and turmoil of the legal academe.

(5) As opposed to the to tag of law students been tedious, boring, too serious and bookish, we know a thing about being funny and you’ll find most of us to be real jokers for whose jokes you could laugh and forget your nagging heartaches.

(6) We cherish so dearly the concept of a fair hearing and if you do commit any grave mistake or do anything to hurt us, you’ll be given the benefit of the doubt and be allowed to state your own side of the story. We’ll just presume your innocence until you’ve been heard.

(7) We uphold the concept of utmost good faith in our relationships as in contracts and like the gentlemen we all are, we’ll do everything to be on the level with you. With us, there’ll be less lying or cheating and if suddenly we start nursing feelings for someone else, you’ll have full disclosure.

Patrick Herbert is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Law Student Hub. He is an LL.B. Law graduate from the University of Benin, Nigeria. He’s a life enthusiast, a budding writer and internet entrepreneur. Patrick is deeply passionate about law and research and has inspired many with his thought-provoking articles. To get in touch, follow him on social media.

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