What You Stand To Gain from Using Law Student Hub


Law Student Hub may have been the brainchild of one individual, as all great ideas are but from this moment on, its success and evolution depends on a lot on your contribution and mine.

It is an idea I conceived while rummaging the Apple Store in a search of a one-stop informative law application and magazine that will cater to my needs as a law student and up-and-coming lawyer. Most of what found were either infuriatingly deficient or alien to my native law student experience. I wanted something closer home to the Nigerian law student and that would hold equal appeal to law students elsewhere in the world. I desired something that could provide insights into the world of law studies and segue right onto law practice in the real world.

But since I couldn’t find one, upon my graduation from school I decided to mastermind one for myself and the benefit of other law students at large. They often say that necessity is the mother of invention and we will rightly concur that Law Student Hub is the offshoot of necessity. Elsewhere it has been said that if the world is cold, we should make it our business to build fires. Law Student Hub is akin to that fire that dispels the twilight of misinformation beclouding the sight of law students and recent law graduates.

What Can You Benefit from US?

It is an online platform designed to assist both current and prospective law students navigate successfully the hurdles of law studies through the tips and shared experience of other successful law graduates. The goal is to make your journey as law student anything but daunting.

On the other hand it is geared at helping recent law graduates in their job search and to better explore the world of law practice through gainful tips and advice on careers. You also get to stay updated on emerging legal trends while settling seamlessly into the topsy-turvy world of law practice. We’ve only just begun and still hold the promise of more to come. In a not-so-distant time from now, we hope to hold interviews with notable professionals in the field who can offer us insights on succeeding in the byzantine world of law practice. And that is just the little icing on the cake…

How Can You Contribute?

The task of running a mammoth project of this nature is quite challenging and would dwarf anyone who takes the sole responsibility of running it. It is a collective responsibility and if you feel you can really contribute to our exciting content then don’t hesitate to contact us @lawstudenthub.com. Do the same if you have any inquiries, suggestions or submissions for us.

 What Can You Contribute?

          You can share your unique thoughts on the law and your personal discoveries with us. We will be most welcoming to your personal experience whether as a lawyer in practice or law student. Don’t sweat it if your work isn’t letter perfect, we can augment or modify where necessary but with your permission.

It goes without saying that we won’t be able to foot the bill for everyone makes any kind of contribution to us, at best you’ll be a volunteer (and we will love you more for it). But we can guarantee we won’t move in on what you submit to us and take the credit for it. We’ll give credits where due and this will be published under your publications on this site.

What Is In It For You?

If it is any comfort, it will delight you to know that adding the links to your exciting articles published here on your law resume will be a real hit with any prospective employer or hiring manager and would be further proof of your selfless volunteering credentials and your growing online reputation. But don’t be so stingy as to want to hog all the tons of information you scour from us to yourself, at least tell all your friends about us.

We sincerely appreciate the time you’ve taken to read this more than you can imagine.

For myself and on behalf of the Law Student Hub team,

Carpi Diem my friend.       

Patrick Herbert is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Law Student Hub. He is an LL.B. Law graduate from the University of Benin, Nigeria. He’s a life enthusiast, a budding writer and internet entrepreneur. Patrick is deeply passionate about law and research and has inspired many with his thought-provoking articles. To get in touch, follow him on social media.

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